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Our Tracks

Track Techstack Projects Total Numbers
Frontend Development Html5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Semantic UI Building a portfolio site by using Bootstrap and Deploying it on cloud, Building a company page which provides SAAS service, Building a simple dashboard for home automation system 3
Backend Development Django, Django CMS, Django Rest Framework Building a blog application and connecting it to a database , Building a note taking application, Building a map application, Building an ecommerce application, Building a e-learning platform 5
Android Development Flutter, Dart Building a food delivery app, Building a portfolio app, Building a yoga promoting application, Building a map application, weather application, Building a smart home automation dashboard 6
Data Structures and Algorithms C++, Python Git Version Control System Replica, Automatic Sudoku Solver, LRU cache, Designing Load Balancers, Designing Notepad Using Tkinter, Finding Route Between Two Nodes 6
Machine Learning Keras, TensorFlow Three computer vision projects, one NLP project and Two projects to understand the basics of Neural Network 6
System Designing Computer Networks, Distributed Systems, Operating Systems and DBMS Designing and Understanding the architecture of TinyURL, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Pastebin 5
Resume Building (Free) Build a job ready resume from scratch Entirely free with the pack 1
    Total 32



Duration of the program is for 8 months. Starting from August 2021. Along with your college and university studies you can easily manage the building of projects and strengthen your profile to stay ahead of competition.


32 projects, 200+ Live Sessions, Mentor Support, Resume Building, Career Advice

It's available for Absolutely FREE.

However we charge INR 500 to fill up our software, internet and classroom needs like slides, projects, high quality LIVE sessions, good audio quality. No extra charges, only INR 500 to maintain our quality and tons of learning for the next 8 months.

INR 500 is for all tracks. Very cheap right, why to pay more to learn something new ?

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Available for top 5 developers, however each participant is going to get digital swags and mentions on our social media as well as our website (Hall of Fame)

Badges (Can be verified and placed in resumes/ portfolio)

Six Levels, Six Badges and a Final Badge of being the best isawarded to everyone who completes all the steps.

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Internship Opportunities

The best developers and best performers will get a chance to earn a paid internship at Edualgo Academy and several other partner companies. We also provide certificate of recommendation to only the best candidates we know.



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